Monday, January 01, 2007

A new year, a look back

Her first New Year's. In the first year of life, Autumn saw a lot of firsts. Just yesterday, the last day of the year, she wore shoes for the first time.

Her first Christmas was a whirlwind.

Her first trip on a plane made this shot possible.

Her first time at Daycare.

Her first Halloween.

Her first time eating solid food.

Her first snow storm, which happened in October!

Her first time laughing -- caught on video.

Her first shots (no pictures, who knew the needle would be so big?)

There are clearly so many other firsts littered in this blog. As the new year starts, we'll continue to show her growth, and her smile. She's really good at turning to the camera ans smiling. This has been a fun, though tiring six months. Last night, on New Year's Eve, a couple of tired parents hit the sack at 10:30. But, we're pleased to say, Autumn started the new year sleeping until 5:00AM. And that's all we can really ask at this point.

So, thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. And from our little family to yours, have a happy and prosperous New Year.

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