Monday, April 25, 2011

Random images from the past couple months...

Autumn loves to swing .

Walking at Tift Nature Park

 Face Painting at Turner's birthday party.

 More Playground fun.

 Florida shots, just a couple.

 the animals in our lives- Ms. Lucy Von Juicejuice and introducting Ms. Scarlet.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Gavin loves Gino

Gavin likes Gino. There's no doubt. This morning, I asked him who his favorite Superhero was. The answer is Spiderman (pronounced Piderman, or Pidey).

But he also said Buzz Lightyear. I asked him why he also said buzz Lightyear.

He said that because Gino likes Bizz Lightyear.

Ah, Gino.

Then I said, hey, wasn't Gino superman on Friday? Friday was pajama day at school, and Gavin wore his Superman pajamas, and so did Gino. That actually made both of their days.

Because, deep down, I think Gavin matters to Gino as well. They are buds.