Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Family

The Family, originally uploaded by MRHames.

Here they are, the girls. I've taken the referring to Autumn as "The Girl" in conversations. As in, "the girl didn't sleep a wink last night, she had us up 12 times." Or, "the girl had a really solid poop this morning". That kind of thing. Then my sister pointed something out to me. My mom had two sisters that lived in Brampton,Ontario with us. One sister had three daughters, the other three daughters and a son. After my sister came a long, that meant 8 girls and one boy. To my cousin Robert's chagrin, they referred to him as 'boy'. Not when talking about him, when talking to him. As in, "Boy, eat your vegetables." When I came along, I doubled the boy tally, but we were still outnumbered 8-2. So, they would occasionally call me 'boy'. Which I hated.

To me, there's a difference between calling Autumn "The Girl" when talking about one of her adventures. However, it's semantic. Thus, out of respect for what I hated when I was growing up, I'll work on using Autumn when talking about her adventures.

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