Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gavin shots

Here are some. Take a look.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink Autumn

Originally uploaded by rdcaden
Great shot Actually, Rhona took a bunch of shots of Autumn. See them here.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Gavin, originally uploaded by MRHames.

So, here's the post. He's standing with the help of stuff. He's officially started crawling (it's been a few weeks).

He'll eat whatever you put in front of him. (Which is different from Autumn, who's favorite line at dinner is "I'm all done".)

Maybe that's why he's almost 20 pounds, at 9 and a half months. And She's only 24 pounds at almost 3.

Enough about the comparison. Enjoy the shot.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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picture if you will.... it's a nice day out. You decide to take the kids and dog to the playground... it is warm by normal standards, you are itching to get out and you have already been up for four hours by 9am.... why not.

you pack up... blankets, hats, umbrella (for Autumn), juice, snacks, diapers, bottles- you got the picture. The dog in one hand the double stroller in the other.... moving along the 2.5 miles to the park- all good. One kid falls asleep the other and I swing, climb, slide.. you name it. Dog lays on the ground, barks for attention occasionally- good stuff. It starts to drizzle... pack up.... load up... on our way home for the same distance. It starts to thunder, it starts to pour.... All in all- the average family- no problem- so you get wet- no big deal.

the issue of course for me at this point is that my

she starts pulling on the leash and running to find somewhere to hide- problem: our house is still 2.5 miles away. somedays that distance is nothing... a jaunt.

Today- not so much.

she pulled the entire way- jumped up on about 45 porches, ran down 20 alleys to try and hide... crossed streets, hid on patios.... the kids in the stroller the dog on her belly trying to shimmy home. In the end- I said " Self- you are not wearing a sports bra... which you NEED .... but screw it.... sprint home."

it was a little nutty, I was yelling at the dog, working on not dumping the stroller with the kids... but for a girl who has been trying to improve her speed per mile. I think I just ran two eight minute miles...

ummmm... did I mention it is only 10.30 in the morning.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St .Patrick's Day

This is a gift from Julie. It's a little big for the little guy, but he's rockin' it anyway.

It's not as easy as it looks. Especially for an old guy like me at 7:00AM, before the coffee has really kicked in.

Then of course, Autumn had to get in the picture. She loves to get her picture taken.

Happy St. Patrick's day. Have a good one.

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Monday, March 16, 2009


Gavin is officially crawling. It's no longer a dragging. It's a crawl.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Waking up

Today was 55 degrees, and the street literally woke up, went outside, and said hello tp each other.

We put up the swing. Sat on the porch. And said hello to the street again. Autumn had a great time with her kids, Audrey, Patrick and Caroline.

It's spring. Gavin is getting older. Standing with the help of furniture. There's actually nothing he loves more. He stands up, and the smile goes across his face and lights up the room.

And then, he'll get on the ground and drag himself across the room.

It's not crawling.

It's more like dragging.

But I think he'll be walking in about a month. When he'll sleeping through the night is open for debate.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nanny and Granddad

It's hard to put into words how much of a help that Nanny and Granddad are. On thursday, Granddad came to do settle some banking issues. But that also meant that he ws here to help out with the kids.

And then, even better, he took them on Friday to Brampton, giving mom and dad a night to ourselves, and then a morning to ourselves.

Of course, we're both sick, but at least this gives us a chance to heal.

I'm getting ready to leave for Brampton. Rhona is staying behind to heal. But when I get there, I plan to tell nanny and granddad how awesome they are. I don't want to let it go unsaid.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

On sleep

When Gavin was born, I knew this year was going to be tough. While Autumn generally sleeps through the night, she does have the whole 2AM potty call.

"Moooooooom! I gotta go potty"

Luckily, most of these calls come 35 seconds after we leave the room for the first time after books. It seems that she is incapable of thinking about the potty until the lights are off, and the parental unit has left the room. So we can handle that.


But Gavin. He's suffered a double ear infection, followed by a cold. I know that he gave me the cold. I remember the moment that I was holding him, and I turned for a second and he put his mouth on my nose, and his goobers when up my nose.

Toilet paperImage via Wikipedia

Pleasant stuff.

Since then, my nose has been running non stop. I've gone through two boxes of tissues, and now I have a roll of toilet paper on my desk to collect the snot. And worse, this morning Rhona was laying in bed feeling like crap.

But this isn't about us.

This is about a year. At one year, sometime in June, we'll get to the point where he'll sleep through the night once in a while. Then, once in a while will turn into all the time.

And yes, they'll both be up at 6:00AM, a time that I usually take in the weekdays to let Rhona sleep in a little more. But moving forward, it has the potential to let one of us sleep in.

A little more.

Because right now, we're both on the edge of sanity.

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