Tuesday, January 16, 2007

winter hits hard, and it hurts

Indeed. It's winter in Buffalo. True, we were hit with a massive amount of snow back in what seemed like late Summer, but after the snow, relative warmth. But alas, with freezing temperatures killing the oranges in California, you just knew it was gonna get chilly. This morning, with the thermometer hitting 19 (now), it was Autumn's coldest day. Mom hooked her up in the baby bjorn, with hats, gloves, her snow suit and a blanket and took the girls for a walk, only to discover it was really too cold. And, methinks it will get colder.

It's indeed time to crawl up with a good book, snuggle, and wait it all out. So, stay warm (unless you're living in Hawaii or something) and read something good.

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