Thursday, January 04, 2007


James Brown. Mr. Dynamite. The Godfather of Soul.

Not many people know that JB has a bridge named after him in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. "The James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge" Bridge was named by the rabid, petition-starting, funk-soul fans of the Yampa Valley. It was named while I lived in Steamboat and James himself came for the ribbon cutting of this simple, small, plain looking concrete bridge located west of town. I don't remember the bridge really 'spanning' anything- but if you are a recent college grad living in a ski town and working a mindless job(s) in a t-shirt shop- an impromptu James Brown sighting at 9am was cause for celebration (not to mention Bloody Mary's). The town lined up to catch a glimpse of James as he stepped out of his limousine to address the crowd with a solid "I feel Good!!!"

This YouTube video really is spectacular and was recorded at the T.A.M.I.(Teenage Awards Music International) show in 1964, James was 31 and following his appearance the next act was the Rolling Stones... Keith Richards has said it was the worst mistake of their lives to follow James Brown. Quite a performer. I seem to remember reading that he had three costume changes at his various funeral/wake/viewings. Papa's got a brand new casket. Rest in Peace.

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