Sunday, October 15, 2006

Snow storm

When I last left you, it was thursday, and I was talking about how cute it was to be snowing on October 12th. We lost power on October 12th at 7:30PM. Still, we thought: it's October, how bad can it be?

Then came Friday the 13th. When this picture was taken.

It looked like a tornado. Trees, full of leaves couldn't handle the lake effect snow. Huge, old trees came down on the roads, on cars, in some cases on houses. Driving bans were in effect, and a state of emergency was called.

But overall, things were fine. We heard some friends had power and got on the horn and asked them to store our breastmilk. We happily said bye to our meat pies, but we weren't losing the breastmilk. We went to their house for dinner, which was awesome.

Friday really was spent trekking around taking it all in. We went to one of the only stores open and bought some batteries, and beer.

We had heat, which is more than some people. We had a gas fireplace and our gas stove, which we did use to make soup, coffee, oats and the like.

Saturday we spent at Grandma and Grampa's, shovelling the driveway, cleaning up trees. They had heat but no power and no stove (it's electric). So we brought them coffee, some hot soup and some company.

Last night we went to Pam's and watched the hockey game. And when we got home we had POWER.

So, it wasn't that bad.

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