Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back in the Saddle again

I have been back at work six days now and I am just getting around to posting about it.
being back at work.
getting dressed in the morning.
working in my office.
coming in at 8.30 and staying until 5pm.
sitting at my desk, workin'

I can't say that I am super glad to be back at work and at the same time I can't truly say it makes me unhappy. There is a part of me that feels like i am on autopilot, I see an email, I take a phone call, i talk with a student and i respond. Sometimes it takes a minute, an hour, a day to remember what I am supposed to do- but i am getting back in the swing again. I am making progress, i am learning what happened during my maternity leave and I am catching up.

I don't have anything profound to say about being back at work. I enjoyed being at home and spending all day with Autumn. I will say this- regardless of your job working outside of the home is a hell of a lot easier than staying at home all day. Being a stay at home mom is wihtoutadoubt the hardest job there is. Sure, you might have a 20-40 minute window where your child is napping,but you likely need to use that time to throw in a load of laundry, change out of the clothes covered in spit-up, think about taking a shower, sit down and catch your breath, unhook the jolly jumper so you don't run into it everytime you pass through the doorway, something. There is always something to do.

Here at work, I am busy (don't get me wrong)- but it is somehow controlled busyness.

So, I am back. I will say this, I am excited to get paid again.
So, I guess it is good.
for now.
to get paid again.

for being back at work.

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didi_international said...

I think you actually have 2 jobs now....Mommy and Study Abroad Superhero :)
I have to say...we are glad to have you back here in Talbert...WE MISSED YOU!!!