Monday, July 27, 2009

Grandparent's and Autumn

Last night, Grandpa came over for dinner. After dinner, I took Gavin up to read him some books and put him to bed. When I came downstairs, Autumn was on Grandpa's lap watching home videos with mom.

At around 7:30PM, Grandpa and Autumn went upstairs to begin to the bedtime routine. We sat downstairs and listened to Autumn's uncontrollable laughter. She was losing it. At 8:30, Rhona went up to check on them. I could hear Autumn screaming with laughter.

At around 9:15, Grandpa finally called it. Almost two-hours of book reading, laughing, and carrying on. Autumn was still talking about it this morning.

Grandpa is going to be a hard act to follow tonight when it's just me (Rhona has an appointment).

But aside from that, I'm thrilled that Grandpa and Rhona get to hang out together. And it's not just grandpa. On friday, Granddad came into town and took both kids to Niagara Falls.

"Dad. It was a huge water fall. This big." (Autumn holds her hands out as far as they'll go).

"And I had strawberry ice-cream for lunch".

Two hour book readings and strawberry ice cream for lunch. That's what Grandparents are all about.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

He's walking

Call it. He's a walker.

On the camping trip, he took his first real steps. But thjey had to sneak up on him. Like the story about riding a bike, when you are holding Gavin's (Autumn calls him gabby-gab) hand, he walks. Let go, and he'll walk until he realizes you've let go.

Standing is the same thing. He could stand in line at the DMV, but the problem is, he notices that he's on his onesie, and drops.

It's funny. One time today, he dropped with a pretty solid thud, and I think it hurt his butt. But here's the real reason it hurt: because something inside him knows he doesn't have drop. Something is telling him to be annoyed by the sudden drop and thus cry. Because he's been dropping for months. He's been able to stand with the help of a chair, a table, a random leg for a long time. And so, he's been dropping for a long time.

But this is different.

We have video. We'll get around to it. Second child always gets shafted.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Autumn's observations

She's three. Remember that detail when you hear this tale.

On Sunday, Autumn and Gavin went to their grandparent's house in Brampton so we could deal with things at home. When Autumn left, this was the hairstyle I was sporting.

I needed a haircut, which I got the day she went to Brampton.

Mom went to pick them up yesterday morning, and spent the day there, swimming, and hanging out. They left later in the evening last night, so when Autumn got home, she was basically asleep. thus, this morning when she woke up, it was the first time she'd seen me since Sunday.

The first thing she says is:

"Dad, you got a haircut. When did you get it cut? Can I touch it?"

She's a smart girl that one.

Oh, and thanks to Nanny and Granddad for taking them for a bit. We appreciate it.

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