Saturday, August 26, 2006

A shot by Rhona

My wife has an excellent eye. As a mom staying at home for 7 month's, she's doing a great job with Autumn. They go for a walk together around the city, both Autumn and Lucy, and Rhona brings her camera. The digital camera offers her a chance to shoot a lot of the city. From pictures of buildings to neat shots like this one.

And we're lucky to live in the city where there are a lot of huge trees. the other day I was showing a coworker our house on Google Earth. He lives in the burbs. As I zoomed in, he was struck by how many trees there are in Buffalo. It's really a great place to walk, especially in the next few months. The leaves will change, the air will be cool but not cold. Perfect.

There is a lot going on this weekend, so we'll take some pictures. There's a festival on Elmwood, a few blocks from our house. It's also Buffalo Old Home Week, where ex-pats come home to see what they're missing. Should be a fun weekend.

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