Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Autumn at work

My daughter came to work today. Partly because I want to show her off, and partly because my last day is Friday. Leaving a place to go to a new place is tough. I know my dad doesn't understand it, but then he worked at the same place for over 30 years, whereas this will be my 7th paid by the year job. My third American paid by the year job.

Not that I move around a lot. I did quit one of them to go curling back in the day. I also quit another one to move to the US to get hitched.

Anyway, going to a new place involves a lot of excitement. Plus, you think bad thoughts about the place you're leaving. That's human nature. The bad thoughts you think help validate the decision to move. Even if you move jobs for more money, or more vacation time, you still sometimes find yourself thinking about the bad when thinking back - that helps you to convince yourself you made the right decision.

So I am excited about my new opportunity. I had a great time at the place I am leaving, and notwithstanding the previous paragraph, I have only some minor complaints. And I know that looking back, I'll remember my time here fondly. I met some great people and did work that I am very proud of.

And it's true that I am leaving because my new place is in bike-riding-distance. And while I will admit that theoretically everything is within bike-riding-distance if you have the time, this is a 15-minute bike ride. Which is less than my current 19-minute commute.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Matt! So many paths...gotta take the one with the prettiest color leaves in view.