Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bathing Baby

Bathing Baby
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So tonight, we experienced a first. Projectile vomitting. Mom fed Autumn. That's when dad decided to administer the vitamin D stuff. It goes into her for about 5 seconds, when all of a sudden, a simply crazy amount of vomit came shooting out. Dad called for mom. Mom picked up Autumn and another few shots came out.

Then, we bathed her and put her in her little robe (thanks Aunt Melissa). That's what you see in this picture. A bathed, re-fed, happy baby.

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Spinsterella said...

Hi Rhona!

This is Penny (from New Paltz). I just realized you must have had the baby by now, or she had permanently set up house in your tummy. Sandy sent me your blog link and Oh, my God! Autumn is gorgeous! Congratulations!

And Rhona, we miss you!