Friday, August 18, 2006

The first part of 2000

As you all know, Autumn was born in 2006. 6 years into what will be remembered as the Bush Presidency. I suspect millions of books will be written about this time. To sum up, it goes something like this:

The last President is caught cheating on his wife. He lies about it to the American people and is almost impeached. But the economy is doing awesome, the internet is building storm, the world survived Y2K, and everybody seemed to be making money at the Stock Market. In light of how good things were going, there was a historic low turnout (51%) in an election between a Southern Vice President, labeled wooden, and a folksy son of a former President, governor of Texas who pledged to unite America and not get into Nation Building.

Anyway, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling in Gore V. Bush that essentially handed the presidency to Bush, and still no one seemed to care. Then along came a defining moment for America and things changed. Autumn was born into a post 9/11 America.

It's hard to remember all the changes, but one thing is for sure, there were changes. Anyway, there's a speech made by a character in a TV show that I feel encapsulates the first few years of the Bush Presidency. I know, a speech in a TV show, am I kidding you? I get that there are more nuances on the subjects addressed in this speech. But I like this show, and remember watching it thinking it was incredibly subversive of ABC to put this on TV.

Mostly in this blog we talk about cute girls (Rhona and Autumn), and politics is left at the curb. That will still mostly be the case. This is merely a detour.

Have a great day.

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