Thursday, August 31, 2006

A rough night

It's my second last day at work. So, of course, our little bundle of joy picks last night to be Miss Fussypants. She was up and down like the NASDAQ last night, wanting food, hugs, diaper changes... admittedly, the things we signed on to provide. It's just hard when you're asked to provide them during the time you're used to sleeping. This morning ended with her on the bed between us sleeping. As time goes by, I suspect this will happen a lot more.

So anyway, later in the morning, I got up and took the girls for a walk. Then I fed them both, Lucy of course only requiring that I pour a whack of food in her bowl. Autumn's food requires a little more time and effort. Plus, the added burp – which this morning came from a really deep place and didn't sound like anything that should come from something so little and cute.

Still, last night she was following a little toy around as we shook it. And, of course, she was smiling like a star. Plus, we ran into the Doctor that took pictures of her when she was first born. The doctor just moved into a house a street away.

It’s awesome that I am going to be able to take two weeks off to hang out with her. I promise to blog a lot during that time. Tonight though, I suspect sleep will be in order.

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