Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Matt and Autumn alone

Autumn working on being cute
Originally uploaded by MRHames.
So last night (Tuesday night), mommy went to see Tom Petty in concert. That left Dad all alone with Autumn. After picking her up from two smiling happy Grandparents, we then proceeded home for a night of feeding, burping, pooping and that was just dad! (C'mon, you saw that coming right?).

Anyway, we had a nice night. We went for a walk with Lucy and then came home and Dad worked on making his first podcast. I plan to make a few. Then, I'll see if I can figure out how to add that to this blog. It seems like it's easy. We'll see.

Tonight I plan on making some movies out of the movies we have of Autumn. Currently the ones on YouTube right now are straight off the camera. I plan to add some effects. Don't hold you're breath.

Oh, this picture was taken a few days ago. She's right cute isn't she?


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Aunt Tracey said...

Good job dad!!! Aunt Tracey has no idea what a podcast is but am sure it will be cool!