Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A note about the pictures

The pictures on this blog will take you to more pictures. Anytime you click on one, simply follow the MHames Photostream link, and you'll see a bunch more pictures. And we update them often. Just so you know. This is the link. And as you can imagine, these represent 5% of the pictures we actually have of Autumn. And we have video. And our phones are full of pictures of her.

Think about this: Autumn's life will be recorded better than most other lives. I don't mean that in a 'look at all the toys we have' way. I mean that she lives in an era where digital cameras are all over the place. Plus, the ease of blogging makes recording a breeze. If she becomes famous and people write biographies about her, they'll be able to find this blog and write cute little anecdotes about the first time she projectile vomited. I have to look hard through old pictures to find baby pictures of me, but I'm old. She'll have a disk, flickr, a DVD, video podcasts, old phones and things we don't even know exist yet to record her life. Cool.

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