Tuesday, September 04, 2007

98% of you is new

Here's a simple fact: in one year, 98% of the stuff that makes you will be new. The atoms that are inside of you, the bacterium, the mass that is you will recycle and be replaced with a whole different set of things that make up your mass.

We know this because of experiments back in the day when people didn't know about radioactivity. They would insert radioactive materials into someone, and then watch them work their way out of the body. It was then determined that, on average, the body got rid of atoms to the point that within a year, we were basically new.

Emergence out of chaos. Really, that means that what Autumn was born with, is no longer with her. At 14 months, she's basically recycled. It's come out of her bum. She's breathed it out. It's been in her hair, her fingernails (which we clip), and her tears and her nose (both of which we wipe).

She's not new, she's still Autumn. And her parts are still her parts. But she's new. And that's kinda neat isn't it?

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