Monday, September 17, 2007

Breaking out of the 'cell' phone

I'm seriously entertaining the idea of going cell-phoneless. And notwithstanding Rhona's flat-tire on the QEW on Saturday night, I think it could work. This article puts into words what I've been thinking. so it saves me writing it down. Here are the 10 reasons, click on the article for more explanation.

It makes your life more complicated
It's horribly expensive
It enslaves you to a one-sided contract
It makes you perpetually available
It is boring
It must constantly be recharged
It knows where you are
It encourages stupid people to become a public menace
Ubiquitous pleather accessory shops
It turns you into a public annoyance

And finally, isn't it creepy that it's a cell. Prisons have cells. Should we?

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