Thursday, September 20, 2007

This morning

If you could bottle up a morning and keep it alive in your memory for ever, this would be one of the those morning. First of all, Autumn slept until 7:00AM. That, my friends, rocked.

Next, when she did wake up, she did it slowly. She was laying in bed making cute little noises. Then, when I went in she was all smiles. Arms up, looking for me to grab her, giggling.

Next, we went over to the butterflies in her room. We have sort of a hanging mobile of butterflies on one side of the room. We went over, and I turned them. Butterflies went flying around and hit my in the face. And that made her laugh hysterically. So we kept doing it. And her laughter, and mine, drew mom from bed into the room to play as well. She was even excellent enough that we both took showers while he played in the washroom.

On those mornings when we're rushed, and Autumn's a little crabby, this is the morning that will keep me going. It was perfect.

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