Friday, August 24, 2007

An accident in the tub

It was bound to happen.

Every night, before bed, we give Autumn a bath. The vast majority of the time, it's Rhona in the tub. Last night, the night in question, it was me.

Things were going well. It was early in the bath. We didn't even get to the Water Water Everywhere book. Autumn was standing in front of me, sort of side ways. I was just putting on some shampoo on her head when I noticed Autumn had a weird look on her face. Then I saw it.

Poo in the tub. A floater. With fear in my voice, I called Rhona. Who thought something bad had happened. But when she saw 'it', she burst out laughing.

So, here's the scene. I'm naked in the tub. I have Autumn in the air, keeping her out of the water, she has shampoo on her head. There are three floaters in the tub. They're little. But the simple fact is, they are pieces of poo, in the tub.

Rhona is laughing hysterically, while I'm asking her to grab the shower nozzle so we can rinse the shampoo off her hair. (We normally call shampoo 'poo', but in this instance, it didn't work). After getting the shampoo off Autumn, it was time to tackle the poo. I urged Rhona to use the tupperware to scoop out the poo. Autumn meanwhile is calm. Too calm.

Because as Rhona scoops out the poo, Autumn drops another one. Her biggest yet.

By now, holding her up out of the tub, and trying to avoid having the poo touch my body was becoming impossible. So I motioned to Rhona that I was about to pass her Autumn. This made things seem not as funny. She grabbed a towel and wrapped up a vitually empty Autumn, and took her to her room.

That left me and the poo in the tub. Buy now of course, the poo was beginning to break down. Meaning, there's no question that poo was getting on me. So after draining the tub, and scooping out as much poo as I could, I showered.

You would have as well.

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christina said...

thar is a hilarious story!!