Thursday, September 27, 2007

Have food will sleep

This is the equation. If Autumn eats enough, she sleeps. The obvious flaw in this comes with the words "eats enough". For those of you with kids, you know there comes a time when they won't eat. Autumn shakes her head. And if you happen to have the spoon in front of her mouth at that point, the contents of the spoon may very well end up on her hair.

However, on the nights when we can get noodles (her favorite) and perhaps a jar of baby food into little Autumn (like last night), she sleeps. Through the night. On the nights when she decides what we have to offer isn't worth the time of her 5 teeth, she will wake up.

I'm not sure if this is a baby rule. I think it is. But again, this is the only baby I have experience with. Some of you people reading (hello Iran), perhaps you know about this at 15-months-they-sleep-when-they-eat rule. Let me know.

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