Sunday, September 23, 2007

Five years and counting

A couple of days ago, Rhona and I turned five. According to this article, we're way ahead of the curve. To celebrate, we dashed off for sunny downtown Cleveland. We decided on Cleveland because of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Plus, it's a short drive. This is where we stayed. It's called the Gidden House, because the people who brought us Glidden Paints used to live there.

It's uptown, but awesome. It's on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, a truly gorgeous part on the outskirts of Rockefeller Park, named after JD Rockefeller because it used to be his. Turns out, the whole park was his little playground, and the road that goes through it was his driveway. It's huge. But when JD left Cleveland (it is where he was born), he gave the park to the city under the condition that they never build on it. Anyway, Glidden House was right next to this bar called the Barking Spider, which, if you didn't know, is another way to say fart. The best part of the whole trip was when Rhona and I took off our shoes and sat on the grass in front of the hotel with a bottle of wine. Thankfully, Aunt Tracey was looking after Autumn.

Thanks Aunt Tracey. You helped us turn five in style. I think later I'll do a post comparing Buffalo to Cleveland. I have some thoughts about it.

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