Saturday, September 16, 2006


Okay. So it almost killed us, but we painted the room. This is the room Autumn will learn to crawl and walk in. This is the room with the TV. With the computer I am currently typing on. It's not done. But it's livable. And for us, that's a big step.

Anyway, this was accomplished because I have enjoyed two weeks off between jobs. Usually, I've advocated for starting a job mid week. I've never been a fan of Monday starts. Monday's are stress days. They are start the week days, usually the busiest -- or more importantly, they usually feel the busiest because the week of work looms ahead. If you start work on a Thursday, then you come into a less pressure-filled situation. I've started my last three jobs on a Wednesday or a Thursday. All that being said, I start Monday.

Finally this: on Thursday of last week, we took Autumn to her first movie. We went to see Holloywoodland. It was rather boring. But it was fun to watch Autumn watch. She was totally into it. think about it: it's a moving wall. She was engaged. Even during the parts of over-acting. Forever and ever, Hollywoodland will be Autumn's first movie.

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