Saturday, September 09, 2006

Our Diets

Look at the word diet. These days, diet means what you don't eat. If you're on a diet, it generally means you're not eating something.

Amazing. Because the word diet actually means what you eat. Your 'diet' consists of whart you eat every day, not, like the marketing people would have you beleive, what you don't eat. there isn't such a thing as 'diet' food. It's all diet food.

Even more, the diet of the food you eat is faily important as well. What did the cow eat that made your steaks? What about the chicken?

With Autumn, food choices seem that much more critical because nowadays, there's almost no avoidoing the industrial food chain. When Rhona and I were little, a tomato was most likely a tomato. They came right about now in the season, and the rest of the time, you bought canned tomatoes.

Now, take a look in a can tomatoes. You'll have a hard time finding one with only tomatoes as the ingendients. And you can get tomatoes at any time of the year. Some might say that's progress. Perhaps. But is it a GM tomoto? We don't know. Will it matter? We don't know.

My point is this: we have to be even more aware of what went into making the tomato now. Because Autumn is going to eat them for the rest of her life. Likewise all the food she eats.

Soon Autumn will go off her mom's breast milk. At that point, she'll enter the industrial food chain. People joke to me that I should be scared of when boys start calling. Honestly, her entering the industrial food chain under this government, a government that just cancelled the whistleblower protection in the EPA, is way more scary than any boy calling.

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