Monday, September 11, 2006

Painting the room

This week, while dad is off on a 'between two jobs' holiday, we're painting the front room. The room we spend all of our time in. The room that contains the computer, the TV, and the fireplace. Admittedly, the fireplace hasn't been used, but still -- the point is the same. This will impact our lives for the next few days. We'll probaby not post much. Needless to say, when we paint, we make a statement. The wall around the fireplace is Tango Red. And yes, it's the kind of dark red that is exactly the tango. The rest of the room is a Gayla Cream, a nice cream color that will warm up the room.

Right now, Autumn is fascinated with color. She has a mobile in her crib with a red, blue and yellow parts. Every time the yellow part passes her, she smiles a deep smile. At this point, I think her favorite color is yellow. We'll see.

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