Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hanging at the crib.

Da Crib.
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mom says:

I wouldn't say Autumn is on a 'schedule' per se, but we are trying to move in that general direction... Yesterday was step one... I put her down in her crib for a nap. If i review that last sentence there were actually two firsts, let me break that down.

a) ...i put her down

I have a tendency to hold Autumn A LOT, if she falls asleep in my arms I generally let her stay there and i use the opportunity to really look at her. Now, I know there will be parents, grandparents, friends, strangers who read that and think that is terrible and she will grow up to be spoiled and unable to self-soothe. I have been told on more than one occasion that I NEED to put her down. Obviously there are times when she is not attached to me- she hangs with her dad, she sits in her swing, she plays on the floor, she watches her mobile...but yes- she spends time in my arms. i am off work for six months and i am here to spend time with this precious baby... So yes- i hold her. I hold her tightly, i sing to her, i rock her, i squeeze her and if the truth be told, i snack on her perfect little toes until she giggles... so for me to put her down was sort-of a first.

b)... in her crib

Up to this point the crib has just kind of been a big piece of furniture in her room... a home for stuffed animals, a source of total bewilderment (how the hell does a crib bumper go on?!), a dumping ground for blankies, binkies, boppies and anything else that begins with a B and ends with an EE sound. But,yesterday it was a place for Baby (see) - she fell asleep and napped for 45 mintues. I will admit I had hoped for something longer- but it was a good start. The baby monitor caught any and all sounds, whimpers, giggles, snorts and I walked around the house with it on my waistband (still maternity sized ?@#$!!!) like an IT person waiting for the next server-crash. But we did it.

a good start- naptime. But, now it is the next day and at 8am she is already 'napping' in her swing ... this very well may take some time. But, look- she is not in my arms so that must count for something :)

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