Friday, September 08, 2006

Autumn in Brampton

Autumn in Brampton
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So, it was a whirlwind weekend/week away in Brampton for Nanny's 65th birthday, some drinking, some golfing, some poopy diapers. And that was just Dad!

Time off between jobs is a unique thing. Here's why: Vacations can sometimes be stressful near the end as one contemplates the many millions of messages, both e-mail and phone, and the things that have backed up, and the things one needs to do to catch up.

Not so for me. No one has sent me an e-mail. There is nothing in the back of my mind to complete. No job coming. No thoughts about what to do next year for the campaign for one of the biggest clients. Nothing. Just a blank slate, time to reload, and relaxing. As I type this, the girls are all asleep and it's 8:00AM. And things are good.

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