Friday, September 22, 2006

love bites.

mom says

remember the days of wearing turtle necks to hide the marks of overzealous teenage boys/girls. Ahh Yes- the circles of passion left on the neck- or other random places on the body. It has been a long time since i had to pull out a garment to cover up a love bite- and if you read any of the other posts here you might think that as it was our anniversary last night i might be talking about a mark left by my betrothed... you would be wrong.

yesterday i got my first hickey- from my daughter.

the time- 5ish am.
the place- just a bit to the right of her target.
the reason- i was just so damn tired i didn't notice she missed.

So, a note to breastfeeding mothers everywhere- i know you might be sleep-deprived, but watch your child to ensure they hit their mark or you too may be the victim of a a love bite.


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Anonymous said...

Also, just so you know. If any dad's out there, or simply guys, ever wondered how strong the sucking power of a baby is, then consider this post. Babies suck hard.