Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So, I was doing some research on user-created media this aftertoon when I came up on a new ad for the Sony Bravia HDTV. Here's the deal:

The ads will run on regular TV, but people with DVR's (TiVo-like machines) will be able to pick the ending of the ad, based on whether they are a man or a woman. Sounds interesting, until you watch them. Which you can do here.

I'll give this some more thought. But immediately it bugged me that the men's color is blue and the women's is pink. And when the women began singing and dancing about shoes, I almost cried.

This is 2006. does it really come down to the guy is the gangster or the ninja and the gal loves shoes and an over-the-top love story?

Maybe they meant everything to be big and over the top because that's what they are going for in the brand. They are the ones, after-all, who painted a building.

Or maybe it turned out that they couldn't settle on the ending for a guy and a gal that were sufficiently different, so they decided to go to the extreme. Boys kill things, girls buy shoes and fall in love.

Somehow though, as the dad of a 13 week old little girl, their execution just made me sad.

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