Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ah sleep

How I miss thee. For close to a full year, I've enjoyed you, uninterrupted. Sure, there was a time, a few weeks before Gavin, where Autumn acted up and didn't sleep.

But that passed. And it was a blip on an otherwise good year full of sleep. With the little dude, the sleep party is over.

This, of course, isn't news. We had rough nights with Autumn, so we knew there would be every night like this. Still, the sudden and complete end of uninterrupted sleep is now taking it's toll.

worse still, dad spent 5 hours in a car yesterday driving to and fro Syracuse. And tomorrow, I'll spend 5 hours in a place flying to Charlotte and back.

Gonna be a long week.

On a separate note, you might also note the little widget on the left hand side of this blog that counts down Autumn's birthday. If you would like to add a birthday wish to Autumn, you can do so in the comments on Saturday, or you can send me something and I'll post it to her for her. It's up to you.

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