Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank You Senator Dodd

Christopher Dodd speaking at an SEIU event.Image via WikipediaA while ago, I gave money to Senator Chris Dodd. It was, and remains, the only time I've ever given money to a politician that wasn't my mum.

I gave him money because he stood up and said enough. It's alleged that for five years (beginning before 9.11), major telecom companies like our former cell phone provider Verizon spied on Americans. Again, it's alleged.

For the last couple of years, instead of letting the courts sort out whether or not phone companies did spy on Americans at the request of the President, the President has sought to give them retroactive immunity. In their argument for immunity, they often suggest that nobody did anything wrong, but they still want immunity anyway.

Anyway, Senator Dodd, during his run for President, stood up and said enough. So i gave him some money. Well, it appears that the democratic majority in the house of representatives habven't had enough. They passed a bill that gives telecoms immunity.

(Side note: I was so frustrated with this mess that I left Verizon for CREDO. I am but one person, but when the woman on the phone asked me why I was leaving Verizon, I told her because of FISA and immunity, and she never said another word. Check out CREDO if you can.)

Anyway, this is a link to the speech Dodd gave last night. Early in the week I sent him an e-mail asking him to do this. I suspect many people did. Well, he did it.

If you want to understand what's at stake, watch it. This isn't a guy running for President anymore. This isn't a guy grandstanding. This is a Senator standing up for the constitution.

This is about time.

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