Friday, June 06, 2008

Gavin Mathew Hames

At 9:38AM, they pulled Gavin out of his mom's belly. But before we get into that, you should hear about last night.

Since we knew the 'section' was scheduled for 9:00AM, we decided to use a gift certificate and have a fancy meal. Things were fine. Until dessert. That's when the contractions began.

Some narly ones as well. The kind that knocked Rhona for a loop. When she told me that we were going to have to get the dessert to go, I knew the contractions were badies. This is her favorite dessert of all time. This is the dessert that she savors. She doesn't take it home.

Anyway, for all of Thursday night, we experienced debilitating contractions about every 8 minutes. Meaning, we got no sleep. In the morning, we thought perhaps the little dude was gonna make it under the wire. That he really was coming out. But no. She wasn't dilating, so in they went. And out he came. Happy, as you can see:

He's a trip. With Autumn, there's aren't any random parts that can simply pee all over the place at any given time. With Gavin, that's on the table. In fact, immediately upon being placed on the table, we peed on the nurse:

"Plumbing works" she said, wiping the pee off her shirt.

He's little (although big), and awesome. We're gonna have some fun. And we promise more pictures.

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meghann said...

Oh - he's beautiful! Damn if you two don't make some cute babies! Can't wait to meet him!

Dean Gemmell said...

That's great news. There's nothing like the look on a baby's face just after arriving in the world.