Sunday, June 01, 2008

Top ten favorite things Autumn says

#10: "Boobie". When Autumn gets a bobo, she sometimes calls it a boobie. I gotta little boobie, she'll say, pointing to her elbow.

#9: "So Pretty". Put a dress on her and she'll tell you that she's so pretty. She usually is so pretty, so it works.

#8: "Hite dere". If you point to a cow in a picture and ask Autumn, "Where is the cow?", she'll point to it and say right there.

#7: "Outside". The first no-binky rule we made was no binky's outside. When she says no binky's outside, she really emphasizes the outside part.

#6: "Airplane!" She never just says Airplane. She always screams it.

#5: "By self". We have a little independent peanut. She likes to do things "by self."

#4: "Watch this". Daddy watch this. Mommy watch this. Anytime she's up to no good, she's kind enough to tell us to watch. Also, when jumping on bed.

#3: "I'm okay". If she takes a little tumble, she gets up and says I'm okay, almost under her breath.

#2: "Oh my god". A few times, when changing a diaper, I said oh my god. It was the kind of poopy that justifies an oh my god. She picked it up though.

#1: "Autumn". Just about everything here she starts with Autumn. Autumn so pretty. Autumn by self. She speaks in the third person, which is kind of cool.

Of course, there are many more. When she says Daddy, I melt. When she says Daddy I love you, it's simply the greatest thing. She also says mommy, and I love you mommy enough to bring a tear to your eye. And some days, like little toddlers, she says some of the funniest things. But this is my list of the things she says rather consistently.

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