Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy birthday in pictures

Autumn is two. I can't believe she's two, but she is. she's an absolute treat to hang around with, to talk to, to laugh with. She's developing a real personality. Like last night, when i put her to bed. She was laying in her crib when I said, can you give me a kiss goodnight. Immediate, she just kissed the air, letting me know that it was all I was getting. It made me laugh, and she makes us both laugh. Here she is at her party.

This was the party. Low-key, lots of kids. A little bit of finger food, and a cake made by mom that everyone agreed was outrageous.

Mom did a great job. Remember, that cake was made at home. It's fresh strawberries, fresh cream, creamy cake and lots of love.

Happy birthday peanut.

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