Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Two kids

In sports-speak, we're changing our defense from a prevent zone defense to a straight man-on-man defense.

Right now, if Autumn is in the room with both of us, one of us can be on her, while the other one can play back up defense. It's somewhat necessary. Turn around for 10 seconds, and she's dancing on a chair, or a table, or the dining room table.

Or she's nine-tenths up the stairs ready to jump on the spare bed ("Autumn's bed", she calls it).

And when "The Captain" comes? (that's our working nickname until we settle on his name).


See, I remember those days. Of no sleep. Crazy poops. This what we're in for while we sit and watch her.

Back to the sports. We're going to be man-on-man. And in some instances, when either mommy or daddy are out, we'll be one person on two.

Now, admittedly, when they are new, the littles need food, sleep, and a clean diaper. They aren't mobile, and outside of the fact that they need food and a clean diaper every three hours (or so), they aren't that much trouble.

We have the swing. We'll be using it again. Hopefully, without spit up.

Point is: we're ready. We're scared, excited, nervous, elated, worried, thrilled, and most definitely done. This is it. Two.

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JFB said...

I like the nickname. In-utero, Liam was "Conky" (Trailer Park Boys) and Lily was "Stewie" (Family Guy), mostly because I was convinced they were trying to kill me (esp. Lily).