Monday, April 07, 2008

There are 13 stripes on a US flag

I choked. Flat out, chokage.

Now, before i go on, I should tell you that after waiting for almost 2 hours, I finally got called in for my interview. Autumn and mommy were with me.

So he calls me into the same room that Rhona and i went in after we got married. That's the interview that they confirm I didn't marry her for a green card. They want pictures of the wedding, of the honeymoon, of our lives together.

This time, he jumped right into my application. I had to read a sentence, and then right one that he dictated. Then he began asking me all sorts of questions like: ever been arrested, ever lied to the Government, ever been part of a terrorist group, etc, when all of a sudden, he starts the TEST.

Rhona gave me the test about 2 months ago. There are 100 questions that they pull 10 from. To pass, one needs 6 correct. When doing that test, I got 96 of 100 right.

"How many stripes on the flag?"

I choked. I knew it was 13. But for some reason, the only number that popped inot my head was 50.

"50", I said, off to a bad start.

Thinking about it now, I wonder if the next questions are dependent on whether you get it right or wrong becuse the next question was "How many states in the union".

The next one was who is the governor of New York State? I didn't know the dudes name, but they accepted the other guy. The one who just got caught with his pants down.

Anyway, like I said, I got 9 our of 10 and my citizenship. The swearing in ceremony is May 15th at 8:00AM.

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JFB said...

New citizens probably know more about the country's history and political climate than born-there citizens. Here, too.