Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bills to play Miami at home in Toronto

Bills Schedule is out. The Bills will play Miami in a home game at Rogers Center in Toronto. That sigh you hear across Western New York is a sigh that the this is step one to the Bills leaving the friendly confines of way, way south of Buffalo, NY, to the friendly confines of the mega city, and my former home, Toronto.

They'll never go there. Ever. A team might go there, but it won't be one from the league. Here's why: TV.

When I lived in Canada, I had an American Express Card. I had good credit on it (and i got Air Miles, I miss Air Miles). When I moved here, the banks, including Amex wouldn't lend me a dime. The only credit card I could get was the kind where you give them $300 and they give you a credit card with a $300 limit. It's a build credit card card.

I tell you all this because of this: if Amex buys an ad on TV, they aren't interested in the number of Canadians whop see the ad. in fact, they could care less. Thus, if the team left Buffalo, all of Western New York would stop watching, and they would be replaced by all of Toronto. And while the all of Toronto is a bigger number, it's actually a net loss of numbers for Amex (and every other brand that advertises).

Meaning, they would ask the networks for a discount. And the networks would ask the NFL for a discount. And who does that help?

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