Monday, April 21, 2008

A weekend away

From Thursday night until Sunday afternoon, autumn hung out with the family in Brampton. She apparently even went to Aunt Tracey's work on Friday (I have no pictures to confirm though).

She did come to the curling club a couple of times to watch 'Daddy curling.' She loves to say Daddy curling, which is good, because i can't wait to take her. I do have some good shots of her holding a broom which i'll share.

One last thing: I drove Autumn to Brampton in one car, then went to get her in another one. The second car had no ID for her. When I got the border and realized I had no idea, I figured I would simply plead stupid and hope for the best. For a number of reasons, this seemed scary, namely would they let her in? Would they let me in?

Turns out, things were okay. He gave me a stern lecture and then let me in. I think it helped that Autumn woke up right then and looked cute.

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Anonymous said...

Nanny has pictures of the train ride, Aunt Tracey's work and Autumn's half pint of Guinness at lunch....