Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yahoo Mail for Autumn

Rhona and I both use Yahoo Mail as our primary e-mail addresses. Indeed, the occasional comment to this blog gets e-mailed to me via yahoo mail. i have a good feeling that I will always use Yahoo mail as my primary e-mail address. it's synched up to this, Facebook, YouTube, and all the other social networks out there. Plus, it's where most of my non-work mail goes.

Which has me thinking: should I get Autumn a yahoo address now? I have my name. So I looked. Turns out that her name is taken (Yahoo Mail has 200 million users). A version is available on gmail. Which makes me wonder. Should I get it?

There's an argument to be made that we should let her pick her e-mail address. However, we picked her name. If there's no problem with us picking her name (and her middle name), why is there a problem with us picking her e-mail address and password? She can always change her password down the road when she wants privacy from us.

What do people think? Should I get her an e-mail address? Should we send her little notes now that she can read later?

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JFB said...

I think by the time Autumn is old enough to want to e-mail people, we'll be well into web 8.9, zpods, opticscaning and some such technology that greater minds than mine are inventing as we speak. And email addresses, if they exist, will be So you can snag the account, no harm in that, but I'd wager it wouldn't be useful or used in 12 years time.

- signed, Nostradamus

Matt. said...

I think that's right. However, I've been thinking about letters to Autumn. I've been thinking about asking my family and friends to send her private e-mails. I think it's a neat chance to talk to her in ten years, but now.

meghann said...

I think the idea of sending her notes now, to read later, is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. :)

JFB said...

How about a time capsule then? So 1960s!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for the time capsule idea - she's going to be one very busy girl when she's older and communicating with her own friends - is she really going to want to read on line something written to her 15 years previous? Maybe if its a real letters, something that can be kept on hand - of course, this coming from the aunt that really hates the computer.....Autumn, I'll mail you some letters sweety! Love AT