Monday, January 28, 2008

We all hate our contractor

I think it's no secret that I hate my contractor. He's been part of our lives since the beginning of December. I should have parted ways with him when he didn't know the job. I didn't.

Anyway. He told Rhona that he would be done by the time we got back.

Clearly, we have a different definition of done. We have no banister upstairs. Just a big hole. He took out our old one, but didn't put in a new one.

We have a toddler who runs around. And a big hole in the floor going down the stairs. How on earth did he think that was a good thing?

I wish we had a picture to show you what the house looked like when we left, and what it looked like when we got back. Because not much has changed.

We're suckers. That's it.

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JFB said...

I have a pit in my stomach on your behalf.

mom said...

we are not suckers, Matt. We are trusting which is much much better. And now, we are owners of a great new room... which now just needs a decorating touch.. the fun part.