Monday, January 14, 2008

A weekend of puking

This weekend didn't go smoothly. Take friday night. We put Autumn to bed at her normal time. Not long after, she wakes up crying. I go into her room to find vomit in her crib, and her in mid-vomit. I take some vomit-shrapnel in the shirt, and some goes on her carpet as I grab her and rush her to the tub.

The tub seems like the best and worst place to take her. It contains the next round of vomit pretty well, but it needs to be cleaned.

As you can imagine, she was pretty upset. We stripped her, changed her diaper, put on some new clothes, and them mom and her just sort of hung out together while I went through the chore of cleaning up the vomit (Lucy, come here). Lucy didn't help.

Later, after she was much happier, we put her back to bed. The time was about 9:00PM. We had no other incidents in the night, and the next day went smoothly.

Until nighttime. We put her to bed normally. A bath, some reading, nothing to see here. But then, she began crying again. So I went in again to see how she was doing. I picker her up to hug her, and vomit.

Rush to tub, vomit shrapnel every where. Clean up, new clothes, mom and baby hug. It's a repeat of the entire night before. It's deja puke all over again.

This time though, we take her to our bed. She's not interested in laying in her crib. She wants to law with us. So we're in our bed. Relaxing. She's miserable, and we're not sure why.

I pick her up. (Are you noticing a trend). And she vomits again. Thankfully, I take the entire thing, and none of it goes on a bed. But from our room to the tub, there's a trail of vomit that thankfully Lucy follows like Hansel -- or I guess Gretel.

After another soak in the tub, more hugging, consoling, relaxing, and reading, Autumn goes down again. We're freaked out, but she's asleep. One more vomit incident and we're going to the hospital. But she has no fever, and she's otherwise fine. She has some puffy eyes, but who doesn't after two good pukes?

Now, we're on Sunday night. We've had a good day eating. We're happy reading books. She goes to bed, and starts crying. Instead of letting her get herself worked up, I try the tried, tested and true trick of taking a car ride. 20 minutes later, she's sound asleep and other than the occasional Mommy, Mommy, she sleeps through the night and doesn't vomit.

But holy. What a weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, sorry about the weekend - guess this little flu is hitting everyone - including the cutest little girl in the world - hope you feel better sweety! Love AT