Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some more about Florida

I think that you've never lived until you've changed a poopy diaper at 30,000 feet.

On the ride there, in the plane, we sat beside a guy who appeared to be about a hundred years old. He had the aisle seat, we had the window and middle. And Autumn.

She was good though. She loved the tray table, she enjoyed watching a video on the computer of her feeding Lucy. And she liked that people keep bringing her apple juice with a straw.

On the way home, not so much. Now, here was the first problem. Our flight left at 3:15. We had to be at the airport at 1:30. The problem is that Autumn normally naps from noonish to about 3:00. Meaning, no nap.

If you've ever experienced an over-tired child, try it with her on your lap at 30,000 feet. The old woman sitting beside us wasn't that personable. I swear on this trip I sat beside more old people, in restaurants, on planes, than at any time in my life.

Autumn was tossing her binky, the straws from her cups. She had a couple of full on mayday-inducing meltdowns. In total, the almost 3 hour flight was 3 hours with a tired toddler who had no place to nap.

We learned something though. Never fly close to noon. Early morning flights are our new plan.

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