Friday, January 04, 2008

Winter classic #2

When I was ten, we played hockey on an ice rink in my backyard. My parent's backyard is on a little hill, so it wasn't flat. But it was awesome.

Then, some of the parent's got together and build a rink in front of the school that is right near our house. You could see it.

Each day, we would walk over with our stick and a shovel and shovel the ice and shoot around a puck. A puck.


I think that's maybe why I loved the game so much. Maybe that's why I sat there looking at the ice, looking up at the snow, looking at 73,000 people, and saying wow.

There is talk about doing this every year in a city somewhere. We'll see. Every year might make it lose the magic. But I'm not sure of that. I think if it came back to Buffalo next year, it would still be magic.

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