Monday, August 13, 2007

Space and memory

My free e-mail box from Yahoo is a mess. The thing is, Yahoo mail offers unlimited space to store e-mails. Unlimited. I'm old enough to remember when space on a computer meant something. (Old fogie alert). I once filled a computer with stuff. I forget how big the drive was (maybe 500 mb), but I remember when it was full. I had to delete some games I no longer played in order to make room. Now, we take 500 mb of pictures of Autumn a month. Indeed, our home computer has 200 gb of space. That's 400 times bigger than the computer I once filled.

And, the newer version of the Mac we have comes with 500 gb of space. My point, Autumn will never know a time when she doesn't have space for digital memories. We already backed up 2006 photos on a DVD. And that's 2006 photos, movies, photo booth photos and some other bits and pieces. Incidentally, the DVD is 728 mg. 1.5 times bigger than the computer I once filled up. Chances are good, a thing the size of a DVD will one day store 200 gb of stuff and we'll think it once quaint that a computer only had that amount of space. Ah, the memories.

Now though, I should get back to my yahoo mail address. And delete some spam.

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