Friday, August 03, 2007


A post that starts like this can't be good. At 3:00AM, Autumn woke up startled. Startled doesn't even come close to describing her discomfort. She was literally screaming. And inconsolable. We tried. We tried feeding her. We tried the binky. We tried singing. Rocking. Nothing. All we heard were screams like one doesn't want to hear from their child. Not because it's now 3:45 AM on a work day, but because she so obviously in discomfort. It's heart-breaking. At around this time, we settled on a little drop of Tylenol.

The Tylenol actually seemed to surprise her. Wide-eyed, she laid on our bed looking at the ceiling fan. I mentioned wide-eyed right? We knew this was a temporary respite. And indeed, she went back to screaming, but the screams were a little less. So Rhona (who led this episode from start to finish like the great mom she is), took her back to the crib.

When I left this morning, mom and daughter were still sleeping. Not sure what time she got up, but I can tell you one thing: I don't like the early morning scares. Here's a shot to get us all back into a good mood.

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