Saturday, August 11, 2007

I would Twitter this

New technologies. I know this is a little late to the party, but I read something interesting about Twitter, a new social network. Where I to sign up, I would use it to tell people what I am up to, when I'm up to it. Like for instance, I'm typing this in an internet cafe in Ellicottville, NY. Anyway, this is what I read:

From this blog:

The 35W bridge over the Mississippi collapsed today. I found out via Twitter. It happened at approximately 6:00 pm. There are cars in the river. There was a school bus full of kids on the bridge, but the bus didn't actually fall in the water. A whole section of bridge dropped straight down and is sitting just above the water. CNN's running photos that folks downtown have taken from their apartment.

There's been construction work going on on various parts of 35W near downtown for a long time, but I wasn't aware that they were actually working on this bridge.

Phone service is spotty.

That means, a social network designed for really selfish kinds of reasons, actually has a purpose. Interesting. Anyway, we're in Ellicottville because Rhona is running a race. She's actually in the race right now. It's only a 5K, so I don't have long before I need to get back to cheer her on. And if you're wondering, the peanut is being watched by nanny and granddad.

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