Tuesday, August 21, 2007

camping in pictures

The car was densely packed with stuff. We had the dog, the baby, us, a tent, sleeping bags, and not nearly enough pairs of pants. Still, here it is in pictures.

At the Campsite.
Eating in the tent. Yes, in the tent.

We're not ready to go in the water.

Holy smokes, these are real ducks!

In Aunt Tracey's tent for a visit.

Hanging by the fire.

With mom.
Having some lunch.

With Aunt Christina.

This was the sunset.

This was almost home.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures - but an even greater time! Hope you enjoyed your first camping trip Autumn - you really did! Especially the ducks and the tent! Hope to see you back in North Bay next year - we'll hope for a bit warmer weather so you can go in the water. Love AT