Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I hate 2:00AM

I really do. I hate it. For what seems like the last month, Autumn has decided to wake up at 2:00Am. Last night, she woke up, on schedule. We both sat in bed, praying to our various gods that she would find her binky herself, and get back to sleep. On her own. And we really try to help. Her crib is a virtual goldmine for binkys.

Alas, she didn't. So I went in there (the time is now 2:30AM) and rubbed her back. That got her back to sleep. Back to bed, and bingo, bango, bongo, she's up again. At this point, we have to give her a bottle.

Now, two nights ago, we waited it out. And it worked. She went back to sleep. The thing is, waiting it out isn't as easy as it seems. First of all, she's crying her eyes out. Second of all, the crying makes her cough, and the cough sounds so pitiful that it's hard not to run in and make it stop. And third of all, it's not like we're sleeping while we wait it out. We're actually more tense. And both of us are tense. If we go to her and solve the problem (either give her the binky or a bottle) at least the other person gets peace. As we wait it out, we're both wide awake.

And then, when we give in, which we did last night, theres the inevitable doubt that we should have waited. Or we should have gone in earlier. So then you lay there, in bed, expecting her to cry again, wondering if you handled it right, watching the clock tick. 3:20AM, 3:30AM, 3:40AM.

Is there any wonder that we'll be in bed at 9:00PM tonight?

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