Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Camping preparation

This could be funny. We're heading up to the great white North, North Bay. Think about that: the name of the town has geography in it. It's a proud town that wants to show off where it is. Mostly, regions get that kind of treatment. States (when there are two) and continents.

Anyway, I digress. The point is, we're going camping. With Autumn.

A couple of days ago, we actually set up the tent, mostly to see if we could. Also to see how big it was in there. Upon setting up, we realized that sleeping in the tent with a sound asleep baby might pose some problems. Thus, I googled "baby camping", to see what the internet said about camping with a baby. The internet is basically mute. It says camping with a baby is fun. And fine. But offers no real head nodding insights into camping with said baby.

We're pretty confident about the daytime part. Autumn loves swimming and playing in the sand. Ergo, since camping is basically that interrupted by eating and drinking, we're pretty sure she'll be fine. It's the sleeping.

But, we have an idea. A plan. Rhona is crafting a barrier type thing to secure Autumn in the tent. Plan A call it. Plan B is using my brother's tent (his apparently has rooms) to place her pack and play in. Plan C is calling Johnny Mac, of North Bay, and begging for space. Plan D, "The Moe Z on Inn". I swear to you, said motel exists. I stayed in it back in my curling days. It's across the road from the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, site of a few late night dinners in various degrees of intoxication.

Point is, we'll vbe fine. We're gonna have some stories. And pictures. And fun.

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