Thursday, October 19, 2006

Watch this everyone

I think everyone should watch a video from MSNBC. It's just my opinion, but I feel like we're at a strange, though familiar place in American History. It's now perfectly legal to detain people for no reason. This has happened in the US in the past. The US deterred Japanese Americans for simply being Japanese. The difference, I suppose, is that we all have blogs, bandwith, and video, so we can sort of follow what's up. So if you didn't catch this last night on MSNBC, you can see it now.

Habeas Corpus has been around for almost all of Autumn's life. Interestingly, we'll be able to mark a date, where that will change. It will come on Feb 7th. Barring some sort of strange shift (like the Dems taking the House and Senate) , on that date, it will be true that for over half of Autumn's life, she did not have the right to hear any charges levelled on her. Hopefully she isn't charged with looking cute.

Seriously, think about that: It's been a right since the year 1305. Early next year, our daughter will be in the weird position of not having it for most of her life. Strange days indeed.

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